Your Heights Finance personal loan is backed by a 15-day, no risk, no-cost satisfaction guarantee.

If you find a better loan, or you change your mind for any reason, you may cancel your loan with no obligation and no cost to you.* Simply return the funds in full within 15 days of signing for your loan and your account will be closed.

For your own peace of mind, we encourage you to share your loan contract with a trusted financial advisor, or even with other financial institutions. Compare interest rates and terms with other lenders so that you are confident you received the best offer.

* If you have renewed your loan and wish to exercise this satisfaction guarantee, you will be required to return all your original loan documents provided at your recent loan closing. If your original loan was secured with titled collateral, you will be required to sign a title correction form allowing Heights Finance to re-assign their lien. Your 15-day period begins the day after the date of the loan. If the final day falls on a weekend or holiday, the cancellation period will be honored up through the next business day.