Why You Should Choose a Local Loan Company

Why You Should Choose a Local Loan Company

When it comes to personal loans, we recommend skipping the online lenders and going with a company that’s active in your community. Why? Many reasons. But overall, we believe that a company’s community presence signals a lot about their values and priorities.

There are many companies that are in the business of loaning money. To them, it’s all about risk and reward. When a loan company looks at your financial profile, they’re analyzing the likelihood of certain outcomes. However, when you visit one of our friendly, neighborhood branches, our goal is to help you take control of your financial future. Heights Finance is in the business of people. We realize that unexpected expenses are all too common and sometimes, a little help can go a long way.

Our dedication to Heights communities can be seen through our charity work, hiring practices and affiliations with local organizations. We’re not just here to make a buck. We’re here to give back and provide more opportunity. In that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should always look for local loan companies.

They Might Be Closer Than You think

While certain chains may seem more prevalent, neighborhood lenders could be right down the street. Before applying for your next loan, be sure to search “local loan office near me”, “local finance company near me”, or “small loan companies near me”. You can also use Google maps to find loan offices nearby. Better yet, visit HeightsFinance.com and enter your zipcode into the “find a branch” page.

Specialists That Actually Care

At Heights, we operate our branches with a community-first mentality. Our employees live in the areas where they work, are familiar with the neighborhood and committed to providing you with personalized attention. Plus, the benefit of a real, in-person connection is something that many find comforting when it comes to finances. Regardless, it’s always more enjoyable to work with people you know and trust. That’s why our Specialists always ask about your goals AND challenges. To us loans are more than just a business, they’re an opportunity to grow and thrive.

More Than Just a Credit Score

Unlike most banks and loan companies, Heights Finance has the flexibility to look beyond your credit score. We know that credit scores don’t always paint the full picture and they certainly don’t tell us who you are. Accordingly, we promise to always treat you like a person, instead of a number in a spreadsheet.

Protection From Scams

It might be easy to apply for loans online, but it’s just as easy to get caught in a scam. Working with a reputable and licensed lender will help to protect you and your identity. Be sure to do your research before sharing sensitive information online. Neighborhood lenders like Heights will always answer the phone if you have questions or concerns. Many online companies will only communicate through email and chat.

Supportive and Uplifting Personal Loans

Even if you don’t choose Heights Finance for your next personal loan, we’re always around to provide support. Have a question or just want to learn more? Drop by your local branch or give us a call today. Rest assured that if you visit one of our neighborhood branches, you’ll be treated like a partner rather than a customer. Which is exactly the position you want to be in, especially when it comes to finances.