Inspiration for Your Next Staycation

Inspiration for Your Next Staycation

Whenever we consider going on a vacation, our initial thought is typically how much it will cost. After all, we have to book a plane, reserve our hotel, rent a car and examine other expenses. But what if we told you that you could experience the magic of a vacation without breaking the bank? And what if we mentioned it’s simple and stress-free?

Planning a staycation is a budget-friendly way to escape during the summer. It also comes with its own set of perks, shining above some elements of a traditional vacation. However, since you’re familiar with your everyday surroundings, it can sometimes be a challenge to discover them from the promising perspective of a vacationer.

At Heights, we know a thing or two about preparing for the perfect staycation. That’s why we’re here to help you get inspired and transform your day to day world into an enchanting summer getaway.

Get in the Right Mindset

When you book a traditional vacation, you deliberately step away from your ordinary routine and allow yourself a much needed break. So, when you’re planning a staycation, you’ll first need to get into that same frame of mind. Start by setting your out of office message, logging out of your work email and steering clear of your chore list. Freeing yourself from some of your daily tasks will allow you to enjoy your staycation to the fullest.

Avoid Your Typical Patterns

In addition to shelving certain tasks, take the opportunity to shake up your daily schedule. For instance, if you usually sleep in while you’re on vacation, why get up at your normal time during a staycation? Instead of rising early, treat yourself to a luxurious brunch, either at-home or at a local restaurant. Rather than worrying about a routine, give yourself permission to enjoy each moment of your staycation without restraints.

Switch Up Your Shopping

Another fun activity to do during your staycation is to go shopping at a different market. This renewing activity can give you a change of scenery. If it’s warm and there are farmers’ markets in your area, explore the delights of crisp, local produce and artisan crafts. Or simply shop at a new store to give you a fresh perspective.

My House Is Your House

What if you really want to change things up? Consider swapping homes with a nearby friend overnight or for a weekend. You won’t have to spend a cent and it will make your environment feel exciting and new.

Rediscover Your Settings

While you’re reimagining your daily life, you also need to reconsider your surroundings. You’re so used to your everyday environment that you probably pass right by all kinds of exciting and amazing attractions without thinking. Well, when you staycation, it’s the perfect time to envision your world the way a tourist would. Suddenly, all those local museums, art galleries, theaters and restaurants seem more vivid. With a different lens, you’ll be able to explore the gems of your local area anew.

There’s No Place Like Home

In addition to discovering local destinations with refreshed vision, you can reimagine your own home sparkling with staycation potential. For instance, if you have a backyard, why not pitch a tent for the perfect camping getaway? You can relax under the stars without having to drop a dime.

Inspire Yourself to New Heights

This summer, shake up your normal routine with a staycation you’ll remember forever. Best of all, you’ll be able to do this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional vacation. So, step away from your everyday schedule and give yourself that much-needed break.

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