Giving the Gift of Time

Giving the Gift of Time

For Valentine’s Day, we often buy our loved ones chocolates, flowers and even jewelry. And while we don’t regret spending money on those we adore, sometimes the things we purchase can’t fully express just how deeply we care. This Valentine’s Day, consider taking a different approach by spending time with, rather than money on your beloved. Instead of giving gifts, why not find ways to enhance your relationship by simply being together and enjoying each other’s company. Let’s look at five ways to connect with your partner that won’t require a lot of extra spending. 

Make Valentines 

One way to bond without dropping bucks is to make each other Valentines. You could simply buy a box of premade, elementary school style Valentines from the store or make your own from scratch using colored paper. Either way, it’ll be fun writing each other little messages and then secretly placing notes up until Valentine’s Day.

Read Love Poems

Another romantic option is to read poetry to each other. Sure, maybe it’s a little old school… But, there are reasons poetic prose has stayed around for so long. We recommend picking out some of Rumi’s poetry, which is renowned for its passionate and romantic verses. Get cozy together while you read, relishing in the beauty of the enchanting stanzas and each other’s company.  

Cook a Meal 

One tried-and-true method of devoting quality time to your S.O. is cooking a meal with them. Pick a recipe you both love and go to the grocery store together to select the ingredients. Once you take everything home, you can work on crafting your culinary creation. Enjoy the simple pleasures of passing ingredients to each other and working in tandem.  

Go on a Walk

Whether you live in the city or out in the country, you can always take a stroll with your loved one. A simple walk is a great way to spend time with a special someone on Valentine’s Day, ambling hand-in-hand and relishing whatever crosses your path. Every detail from a gorgeous bluebird to little flowers beginning to bud becomes even more beautiful when you’re with your love. 

Just Chill

Perhaps the easiest, yet profound way to pass time with your beloved is to simply hang out. Block off a day sometime around the great holiday of love and just spend time together. No pressure, no stress and no expectations. Don’t worry about impressing one another. Simply be who you are and relax into each other’s company. 

Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about gifts. Because in the end, the gift of time can be infinitely more powerful and less stressful to your budget. P.S. We’re always happy to walk you through the process of applying for an easy and quick loan and answer any questions you might have. Especially when it comes to decreasing your financial stress. But, it’s just one of many ways that Heights Finance and our dedicated family of brands are here to help.

Happy Valentine’s Day!